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 Atlanta Poly Weekend Media Policy is as follows:

Attendance of media personnel is subject to the decision of the directors and MUST be received in writing PRIOR to the event. Please us the contact us link provided at the bottom of the page if you would like to attend.

*Cost and Identification: We are do not  charge for approved media acting in a press capacity,and you will be required at all times to wear a press badge that we will provide clearly identifying you as press. As well as your official press credentials from your employer. If you wish to attend any events or nighttime entertainment outside of press capacity you may do so, but will be required to pay the normal badge rate for that period and will not be allowed to conduct any press activities unless you are wearing your press identifying badge.

*Interviews: There will be a designated space away from the primary conference space for media interviews. At the cost of the media outlet. Press shall not approach any attendee for an interview. Registration will have a list of participants willing to be interviewed, and times will be scheduled for interviews. No interviews shall be conducted outside of scheduled times or areas.

*Photography: Those who do not wish to be photographed will be supplied an identifier that will be prominently displayed on their badge. For photography during panels or workshops, any photography must include no faces of any attendees or anyone other than those conducting the panels and who have not specified no photography. If there is enough interest from press and attendees, we may be able to stage a panel room so you can get some crowd shots, but only if we have enough attendees available who would be interested in doing it. Ask permission prior to any photos being taken.

*Liaison: We will have press liaisons available that will accompany any individual journalist while on site. Liaisons can answer questions, guide you through the conference, and assist you in their duties.

*If the coverage becomes too intrusive, we will ask the press to discontinue temporarily. Wedon’t anticipate this happening, and will keep it as brief as possible if we do, but we don’t want so much press going on that it detracts from our members’ enjoyment of the event, so we’d like to keep the option open. We don’t want to be all about cameras and interviews.

*Media Personnel Must abide by all rules and regulations of the Conference and Hotel at all times.

Please contact us if you would like to attend as a representative of the media.