Have a product or service you think our attendees will be interested in? Become a merchant at Atlanta Poly Weekend 2019!

Tier 1 – $50

Includes 1 table (6×3), 1 chair, 1 badge

Tier 2 – $85

Includes 2 tables (6×3), 2 chairs, 2 badges, advertising at registration

Tier 3 – $110

Includes 3 tables (6×3), 2 chairs, 2 badges, advertising at registration

Additional Badge – $40 (Only 1 additional badge can be purchased at this discounted rate)


1. All rules and bi-laws of ATLANTA POLY WEEKEND must be followed as stated in the program book.

2. We will have one or two liaisons to assist with needs. However, they are not allowed to set-up/take down merchandise or relieve a merchant at their table. Tables are the responsibility of the merchant.

3. Setup must be complete by opening on Friday. Doors will open to merchants 15 minutes prior to the public on Saturday and Sunday. The room must be clear of persons 15 minutes after the close of the business day so that we may lock the room.

4. Items may not be attached to the walls. Displays must be freestanding and cannot block the isles. Tablecloths, table covers, and backdrops are not provided by the convention or hotel.

5. No Pornographic material or sexual paraphernalia may be on display. Items that are of questionable content; as decided upon by the Director should be completely covered or removed. Should you disagree with the Director you may appeal to the President of REF. If you disagree with the President’s decision, you may appeal to the Board of Directors. The item in question must remain covered or removed during the appeal process.

6. Costuming should be tasteful with no questionable body parts exposed.

7. One stack of flyers per business is allowed on the FREEBIES table.

8. Advertising of events that occur at the same time as ATLANTA POLY WEEKEND is prohibited.

9. If a problem occurs within the merchants’ room, contact security or the room coordinator immediately. Do not try to intervene.

10. Breakdown begins at 4 pm on the last day of the convention. Please do not start early.

11. Violation of the above Rules may result in loss of merchant privileges and/or Membership. No refund will be issued.

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Merchant Registration

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